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The Moixa Dashboard and Mobile App provide visualisation of your energy generation and usage. The Moixa Dashboard is the web view of your solar, battery and home energy data. It provides detailed analytics about your battery usage, energy consumption and solar generation. It shows your tariff data, if submitted to Moixa support, and features to help understand our optimisation software such as charging instructions and your upcoming charging plan.

The Moixa App

The Moixa app gives you access to your energy data on the go. Available on both the Apple and the Google Play Store, the app gives a more concise view than the Dashboard. With the Moixa Dashboard and App, you can:

  • At a glance, check your battery’s state of charge and how it is behaving
  • View the status of your Moixa-connected home and battery on the Highlights tab
  • View your household consumption and the power flowing through your Moixa-connected devices, giving you a clear understanding of solar generation, battery usage and grid energy usage
  • Access your historical energy usage data in daily, weekly and monthly time periods, so you can understand your household consumption behaviour over time
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