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Meet the Team: Natasha Morgan, Senior Commercial Manager

By Mara Jul 25, 2022

For this week’s Meet the Team, we caught up with Natasha Morgan, Senior Commercial Manager at Moixa.

Natasha sat down with us to discuss her role at the company, her commitment to Moixa’s mission and the industry events she’ll be attending in the coming weeks.

Meet the Team: Natasha Morgan, Senior Commercial Manager

Natasha has been working with us for a year and a half. Her role focuses on expanding our GridShare software business across Europe and the APAC region.

With a strong interest in technology and sustainability, Natasha has developed solid experience in the renewable energy sector. Before joining Moixa, she worked for Gartner, leading IT software research and advisory business, and at Zeigo (now owned by Schneider) — a clean-tech startup working towards simplifying corporate PPAs — where she led the commercial team.

What made you want to take the job at Moixa? What do you think is unique about the company’s vision?

‘Raising the IQ of the world’s batteries to enable a world powered by renewables.’ I was excited by the opportunity to join a team working towards this goal, looking at decarbonisation on both micro and macro levels – from empowering individuals to unlocking flexibility across the energy system.

What happens on a typical workday for you?

My work schedule can vary significantly with travel to conferences, meetings and presentations. When not out and about, I spend a lot of time speaking with possible partners of clients to understand how we could work together. It’s crucial to understand business needs and map our capabilities against these.

We are in a rapidly evolving industry, and our technology is always developing. This makes every day interesting and means I’m constantly learning!

Have you attended many industry events this summer?

In terms of events, it has been a very busy summer for my team and I. We had the opportunity to meet several like-minded peers at the many industry events we attended across Europe, such as Flexcon in Amsterdam — a conference dedicated to energy flexibility — and Ecosummit in Berlin, where we met a great number of cleantech and innovation startups.

But it’s not over yet: tomorrow I’ll be speaking at Future for Net Zero, an event organised by the Centre for Net Zero (part of the Octopus Energy Group). The talks will focus on how we can leverage technology to achieve energy flexibility at scale, and I’ll discuss how Moixa’s GridShare software can support the grid by creating Virtual Power Plants to accelerate the energy transition. I’ll also be attending a Flexibility Forum on Thursday.

If you’d like to join Natasha at Future for Net Zero, you can learn more about the event and register here.

Why is energy flexibility so important in the context of today’s energy system?

Renewable energy generation is intermittent; as we connect more wind and solar farms to the grid, it becomes increasingly difficult to keep the system stable. Flexibility is the solution to this management problem!

What is the biggest challenge in your role?

Residential energy storage and flexibility are fairly nascent markets, and big businesses move much slower than I believe is required to reach climate goals. I find this really difficult to see, given the urgency of the situation.

What steps are you individually making towards a cleaner future?

I shop vintage & second-hand, and I am a vegetarian. I also try to ensure I take the lowest carbon transport when possible, and I am becoming an expert at European trains!

What are the essential skills you need to be successful in your role?

Communication is key. Understanding clients wants and needs, articulating complex concepts and collaborating across many teams to drive towards an outcome.

What is one great piece of career advice you have been given?

Do something that matters to you; it will make everything easier.

A huge thank you to Natasha for taking the time to discuss her life at Moixa. You can connect with Natasha on LinkedIn here or email us at

If you want to hear more about available roles at Moixa, visit our careers page or get in touch directly with our Senior Talent Acquisition & People Partner, Gail Solomon.