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Developing our people through training and learning opportunities

By Mara Jun 15, 2022

No company can reach its goals without a qualified and dedicated workforce. As new technologies emerge, on-the-job training programs have become increasingly valuable to enhance both employees’ soft and practical skills.

At Moixa, we are very committed to each team member’s personal and professional development. That’s why we run a busy calendar with internal and external speakers on various topics — from lunch-and-learn programs to educate team members in an informal setting to a wide range of D&I activities — to inspire and develop a broader understanding of our industry and ourselves.

To further enhance our employees’ skills and knowledge, we enable them to attend learning events of their choice, allowing up to four days per year and a training budget of £1,000 for personal development. This can be used to attend conferences and courses or take time away from the office for self-study.

We’ve gathered a few testimonials from Moixans who decided to take advantage of this learning opportunity, and we’ve asked them how they’ve used their training budget.

Ruby, Junior Front-End Designer

“I’ve used some of my training budget on an online RxJS course. RxJS is a library we use a lot in our code, and it can sometimes be quite complicated! I thought using the training allowance for this would be an excellent opportunity to make sure I understand the essential framework and build more skills from there on.

The course is great as it combines video explanations with tasks, ensuring that I have a thorough understanding every step of the way. Through embarking on this course, I am gaining a deeper understanding which is strengthening my skillset and helping me gain confidence for the future”.

Shane, Operations Delivery Manager

“I’ve used my training budget towards studying for a Master’s in Technology Management. The course is giving me a greater understanding of innovative business practices and helping me to make better decisions in my role”.

Michal, Senior Software Engineer

“As a Software Engineer passionate about functional programming, I had the pleasure to attend an amazing workshop conducted by Michael Arnaldi, the lead developer & creator of the Effect functional framework for the TS programming language.

It was a great way to sharpen my skills with hands-on exercises and all questions answered during interactive sessions. I feel grateful for that fantastic opportunity.”

A group of Moixans attended the Cornwall Insight Training Courses

A number of employees have put together their training budgets to sign up to the Cornwall Insight annual subscription, which includes access to virtual training courses over the year.

Cornwall Insight has been recognised as one of the top management consultancies in the energy, utilities and environmental sector by the Financial Times. From e-mobility and low carbon transport to energy storage and flexibility services, the courses are the perfect choice for new joiners at Moixa requiring an introduction to the energy sector or those wanting a refresher course on a specific topic.

Learning with purpose

“At Moixa, we really want to encourage personal and professional growth and create a culture of learning in the workplace”, says Gail, Senior Talent Acquisition & People Partner.

‘We want our employees to feel free to choose academic or professional development programs and identify areas where professional growth would benefit them so they can flourish within our organisation and feel confident and empowered”.