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Moixa in partnership with Energia to grow the renewable energy prosumer market in Ireland

Green energy provider Energia partnered with Moixa to grow the renewable energy prosumer market in Ireland and bring GridShare optimised batteries and solar systems to Irish homes.

The solution

What We Did

Bringing optimised batteries and solar systems to Irish homes

Energia, a green energy provider that supplies approximately 25% of Ireland’s total electricity requirements, wanted to expand its commercial proposition to be able to offer innovative renewable energy solutions to its customers.

Recognised with several green awards over the years, such as The Green Energy Provider Award, Energia’s purpose is Positive Energy – transforming how customers use energy in a way that has a positive, sustainable impact on the environment. A key strategic goal is to empower its customers to evolve into prosumers, by not just simply consuming energy but taking control of producing their own renewable energy and using it when it is most beneficial.

To achieve this, Energia is working with Moixa to bring GridShare optimised batteries and solar systems to Irish homes.
Throughout 2020 Energia has deployed a number of 4.8kWh Moixa Smart Batteries to its customers in Ireland, enabling them to fully unlock the potential of their solar panels.


Project Highlights

  • Offering innovative energy storage solutions to Energia customers
  • Personalised Moixa Dashboard and App with real-time data
  • More awareness and understanding of new renewable technologies among Energia customers
  • Delivering grid services and turning consumers into key stakeholders in the renewable energy transition

Optimising the battery behaviour with Moixa’s GridShare software

The GridShare software underpinning Moixa’s smart energy system can identify a home’s energy generation, consumption patterns, weather forecasts, and available flexible tariffs – such as Energia’s day/night tariff. Based on all this data, GridShare generates a personalised charging and energy plan for each customer, which is optimised to cover a household’s electricity needs using the greatest amount of solar and low-cost grid energy available. This allows Moixa Smart Battery owners to reduce their energy bills and lower their carbon footprint, becoming proficient in generating their own green, renewable energy.

In fact, the battery will store the excess energy their homes are not currently using, instead of sending it back to the grid, and then automatically discharge and power the home’s appliances when the sun is not shining or send the electricity to the grid when it is most beneficial to do so from an economical and environmental standpoint.

Energia customers with batteries managed by GridShare can also monitor their electricity usage in real-time with their personal Moixa dashboard, getting tailored insights into battery performance and driving more efficient energy usage.
Over this coming year, Energia will also be developing additional innovative tariffs to allow for further improvements through predictions and optimisation by GridShare.

Delivering grid services as part of a flagship project with Eirgrid

By adopting this pioneering smart technology, these homes were also able to deliver frequency-related grid services from a virtual power plant of aggregated devices as part of a flagship project with Eirgrid, Ireland’s transmission network operator.
This created a unique opportunity for Energia customers to help to tackle the challenges that growing levels of variable renewable energy generation pose onto the Irish electricity grid, transforming them into key stakeholders in a collaborative transition to a zero-carbon energy system in Ireland.

Moixa’s innovative technology is key for supporting energy providers like Energia to deliver 100% green electricity to their customers, in the global race to zero emissions.

About Energia

Energia is a green energy provider that supplies approximately 25% of the island of Ireland’s total electricity requirements and 21% of the island’s total wind power, meeting the energy needs of over 320,000 Irish homes and businesses.

Energia has been operating in Ireland since 1999 for business customers and launched into the domestic market in 2014. It is Ireland’s largest supplier of 100% green electricity (winning The Green Energy Provider Award at the Green Awards for 2019 and 2020) with innovation being a key focus. Energia Group’s Positive Energy programme is investing €3Billion into renewable development projects in Ireland across wind, solar, hydrogen and bioenergy

Energia is keen to create even further sustainability throughout their business and onwards to their customer base, with the aim of successfully addressing the challenges of energy provision in a world that is grappling with climate change.

‘Partnerships like the one with Moixa enable us to create innovative products for our customers,empowering them to actively partake in the energy transition by generating their own green electricity while also connecting directly to Energia’s renewable energy eco-system.’ – Joe Herbert, Energy Services Development Engineer, Energia

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